How can I see the status of bids for the property I made an offer on?

Once you've logged in, you can click on Bidder Functions on the top right of your screen and review your bids. You will not be able to view bids other than those you have entered yourself.

What are the different bid statuses?

AC: Accepted - The AM has ACCEPTED your bid. Please ensure that all documentation is in order and has been sent to the AM for review. Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in your bid being canceled.
See What do I do if an offer has been accepted?

CA: Canceled - Your bid was canceled by the AM.

OBC: Other Bid under Contract - Your bid was NOT selected. The AM entered into a Sales Contract on another bid. If you elected your bid to be a backup, your bid will be saved for future consideration in case the contract gets canceled.

OBS: Other Bid Selected - This bid has NOT been selected. The AM has a preliminary contract acceptance from a different bidder for this property. If you elected your bid to be a backup, your bid will be saved for future consideration.

PR: Pending Review - Your sealed bid is Pending Review and is not currently available to the AM. You cannot modify or withdraw this bid. Bids from a previous bid-opening date are still under review. The AM does not have any additional information at this time.

SB: Sealed Bid - Your bid is sealed and is not available to the AM. You can modify or withdraw the bid unless the Asset Manager has accepted a bid from an earlier bid period.

UR: Under Review - The AM is currently reviewing your bid and others from this bid-opening date.

WI: Withdrawn - You withdrew your bid from consideration before the AM reviewed the bid.

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