Broker and Agent Training Videos

  1. Video # 1 - How to Improve Your Speaking Voice with Celebrity Voice Coach Roger Love:
    1. This video is approx. 45 min. in length
    2. It will provide you with an introduction to Roger Love and his terrific vocal techniques
    3. Roger shares 7 greats tips on how to properly use your breathing, vocal delivery, volume, endurance, and much more
  2. Video # 2 - HUD Photo Brochures and HUD Home Marketing Tips:
    1. This video is approximately 13 min. in length
    2. Information mainly focuses on our recently released HUD Photo Brochures (available via our website)—providing you and Selling Agents with the best ways to promote your HUD Home inventory, specifically through the photo brochures.
    3. The video also includes other marketing tips that will help you throughout your endeavors in HUD Home advertising.
  3. Video # 3 - What is a HUD Home and Benefits of Buying a HUD Home:
    1. This video is approximately 10 min. in length
    2. It is geared towards first-time home buyers and the general public.
    3. Here Roger defines HUD Homes and who can buy them.
    4. He also provides multiple benefits of buying a HUD Home, including a brief overview of the bidding process and the various avenues of where the HUD Home inventory is found and promoted.
  4. Video # 4 - Selling HUD Homes for Agents:
    1. This video is approximately 17 min. in length
    2. Here Roger provides a basic overview of what a HUD Home is and how it is listed on the HUDHomestore website.
    3. Roger also provides multiple benefits of selling a HUD Home, including a brief overview of the HUD advertising guidelines, advising Selling Agents how to properly promote HUD inventory in their market area



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